How to Wax your snowboard

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Snowboards need to be regularly waxed to keep the base running nice and fast. Applying a fresh coat of hot wax every few times you ride is ideal. Or if you notice that your board's base looks especially dry or seems to be running slow, now is a good time for a hot wax.

There are four things you will absolutely need: Some optional but helpful items:
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  1. Drip:
    Put down an old sheet or some newspaper to catch dripping wax. Then put your board base-up on your new vices or on some books. Plug in your iron and set it to a medium heat. It should be hot enough to readily melt the wax, but not so hot that the wax smokes. Hold the iron perpendicular to your snowboard with the pointed side down. Press the wax bar against the hot iron and hold it there. As the wax drips, move the iron up and down the base of your board until you have stripes of dripped wax 1 to 2 inches apart. Set the wax aside.

  2. Iron:
    Now iron in all that wax until the base of your board is fully covered. Keep the iron moving; leaving it in one area for too long can damage the snowboard.

  3. Scrape:
    Turn off the iron and wait 15 to 20 minutes for the wax to set and cool. Now grab the scraper and scrape off any excess wax in a nose to tail motion. Scraping away all the wax may sound counter-productive, until you realize that a hot wax actually opens up the pores in a snowboard's base where you want wax to go. Excess wax will only slow you down.

  4. Buff:
    After scraping, rub the scotch brite pad in a nose to tail motion to take off the last of the wax and give your board a finishing touch. You are now ready to ride.

  5. Optional:
    If you have ding's or dents in the front or back tail, you can file them down so more damage dose not build up
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